The speakers will address the key issues of the world of sport:


Sport IP Forum 2017 is an international event that will focus on management rights and how the technology is changing the way that rights are managed in sports. It will be held on the 22nd and the 23rd of November at Feria Valencia, Spain.

In the event, the best international experts will reflect on the present and the future of the new technologies and how do they affect to the intellectual property in the world of sports. Numerous conferences will include two major areas: management of sports competitions rights and management of sports activities rights, both inside and outside of the link with sport or club for which they compete.

Sport IP Forum 2017 will include a forum-exhibition of a corporate and business character: which is an ideal space for the presentation and launch of initiatives and undertakings that will promote B2B meetings as well as offering specialized solutions for the sports industry, general networking, and most important will also attract international decision-makers of the sector.

Also, there will be a space of opportunity and visibility for the most innovative startups in the field of sports.

The event is organized by Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft and Feria Valencia.


The event has a strictly professional character. If you belong to any of the following groups, you should not miss it:

  • Competitions, sport events, leagues, teams/ clubs including all sports: marketing and operations departments
  • Companies that activate sponshorships
  • Media, entertainment and events agencies
  • Agencies managing the rights of advertising and media for Sports entities
  • Digital and social media video production and content distribution platforms
  • Analytical and digital development companies
  • Sports technology and connectivity companies
  • Branding, sponsorship and creative agencies
  • License rights agencies for sports organizations, sporting events and brands
  • Law  firms and consulting companies
  • Individual athletes



Global Sports Innovation Center

The Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) is an innovation center of global reach that aims to add value to the sports industry and become a global benchmark for this sector by using the most advanced technology and facilitating contact between all kinds of companies, from start-ups to medium and large consolidated companies.

The GSIC has set up an open space for applied research, demonstration of innovative solutions –for companies and consumers-, training, networking for business development and creation of employment.

Feria Valencia

Feria Valencia is the oldest exhibition centre in Spain. Founded in 1917, this year it celebrates its centenary. The institution organizes more than a hundred fairs and events every year, 40% of them being international. It also specialises in other professional events.

As for the surface of the exhibition, Feria Valencia has one of the ten largest venues in the world, with 231.000 square meters of enclosed surface for exhibitions. Last year, Feria Valencia received more than one million three hundred thousand visitors from more than 145 countries and more than twelve thousand exhibitors participated in different events. The economic impact of Feria Valencia in its environment is estimated at 700 to 800 million euros per year.