The GSIC and Feria Valencia sign off deal to work together to promote sports industry

Feria Valencia will host the leading event for management of legal rights and digital trends in sports further to deal struck between GSIC powered by Microsoft and Feria Valencia.

The Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC) and Feria Valencia have signed a deal, in Valencia, designed to drive a stronger sports industry. According to sources on both sides, the agreement involves a number of lines of activity, details of which will be given shortly, and is part of the initiatives being rolled out to celebrate the exhibition centre’s 100th anniversary. Feria Valencia is a global pioneer in the staging of major events.

Iris Córdoba Mondéjar and Enrique Soto Ripoll, GSIC and Feria Valencia managing directors respectively, drafted the agreement highlighting the potential that both recognise exists in the field of sport. GSIC specifically, as a world-class centre of innovation, has targeted improvement of the value chain in the sports industry as a major objective along with becoming a world leader for the industry through optimum use of the most advanced technology and facilitating contact between all kinds of businesses.

Iris Córdoba claims that “we are convinced that the commitment to innovation and the international vision that both the GSIC and Feria Valencia share will enable us to generate very significant value for the sports industry, based on initiatives and content that are at once relevant and novel and that we hope will become a benchmark for the sector.”

As the deal was being signed Enrique Soto commented that “Feria Valencia will contribute its experience and management capability, which will facilitate knowledge sharing and create opportunities that will in turn boost innovation and technology in the sports industry.”

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